Why is Negotiation Important for You?

This Negotiation Video Series is for people who:

- Want to close more deals

- Want to increase their assignment fees

- Want improve their conversations with both sellers and buyers


This Negotiation Video Series has 42 videos for you to learn skills like:

- How to handle the first phone call
- How to utilize silence in your conversations
- How to use the 'Give a little, Ask a little' Technique
- How to match the seller's/buyer's personality type

We even have included Live phone call negotiations for you to watch and review.

In this video series, we have FIVE different real estate expert wholesalers and investors share their secrets and their techniques to build the consistency and profits for each of their respective businesses.

Here is just one of the videos of our 42 video series. In this video, we explore the importance of using Silence as a technique in your negotiation conversations.
There are two critical time frames in which to utilize silence:
- After asking a question
- Until the other person finishes their statement or thought

You will be surprised by how much additional information you can get and how much more the other party will work with you by just using Silence!

In this video series, we have several videos dedicated to real live phone calls. With these phone calls, you will be able to listen in on one of our experts negotiating on the spot. By listening to these phone calls, you will learn:
- How to handle rejection and objections
- How to utilize the techniques you will learn in this video series
- And, How to successfully come to an agreement

In the video above, you can listen in as an actual deal is successfully negotiated!